Teaching patient empowerment for better health in the world

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There is a wealth of evidence linking ineffective patient-clinician communication with poor patient health outcomes. That is why You, the patient, must take a proactive role in your healthcare, making self-care and effective communication with your doctor of paramount importance. Patients reporting good communication with their doctor are more likely to share pertinent information for accurate diagnosis of their problems, and adhere to the mutually agreed upon treatment, leading to incorporation of self-care and better physical health.

At The Wellness and Communication Project, we teach patient empowerment which improves health by empowering patients to be capable agents in managing their health. Autonomy leads to greater motivation to solve healthcare problems, and better emotional well-being.

We bring you into a relaxed awareness and create a safe space where you can explore issues of concern, ideally positioning you to work with our techniques of self-expression and effective communication. Our cycle of relaxation, awareness, exploration, self-expression and communication is at the core of our work with you at The Wellness and Communication Project. Relaxation promotes awareness, which creates opportunity for exploration, which helps you express what you are thinking and feeling to your health care providers.

Our original and innovative program customizes the deliberate pairing of evidence based mind-body techniques and communication strategies to enable you to take a pro-active, conscientious role for your best possible health.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Mind-Body Skills Practitioner, Certified Success Coach


Let us assist you in creating mind-body awareness and a self-expressed healing partnership with your doctor for your best possible health.

"The presentation we heard by Liz and Maureen was incredibly informative and immediately useful. The clear directives on how to listen to and be heard by the medical professionals we come in contact with punctuated with precise guidelines and questions. We used the advice given when Jerry had his appointment with his orthopedic surgeon prior to surgery. Tremendous help!" -Norma and Jerry Hurwitz