Elizabeth Gabor, M.S.W., Certified Success Coach


Elizabeth Gabor, M.S.W, received her master’s degree from New York University and worked for many years as a geriatric social worker.  Elizabeth is a Mind-Body Medicine practitioner and facilitator for both individuals and groups, and has received extensive training for health care professionals at the world renowned Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C., under the leadership of its founder, James S. Gordon, MD.  As a wellness specialist, Elizabeth teaches life-in-balance tools, which help to change the way individuals deal with stress, illness, and their lives. She incorporates imagery, breath work, meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques, drawing and journaling into her work in order to create clarity, self awareness, and stress reduction for her clients to live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

Elizabeth is also a certified success coach, with internationally recognized certification in the Canfield Methodology, under direct training with global thought leader  and co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul "series, Jack Canfield.  This methodology is based on Mr. Canfield’s core body of transformational work, which he compiled into the NY Times best-selling book, “The Success Principles”.  Elizabeth has created and runs personal development and peak performance programs to empower people to live their best lives and overcome obstacles great and small. Elizabeth integrates principles such as taking 100% responsibility for one's life and results, practicing gratitude, giving up blaming and complaining, taking inspired action, and goal setting.  These principles encompass a holistic model of growth and development, which is necessary in effecting real and lasting change.

Elizabeth lives her life with self-acceptance and being compassionately present to the people around her.

Elizabeth lives in White Plains, NY, with her lovely husband and inspiring two sons. 



Maureen Pasinkoff, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist


Maureen is a certified, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, shaping communication and thinking in individuals across the lifespan, for over thirty years. She recognizes human communication as a science and a system, that when skillfully used produces the best possible outcomes. Maureen employs a micro-observation approach to diagnose the intricacies of person to person communication; she examines behaviors within twenty communication domains, at all healthcare touch points during a patient – provider interaction. In healthcare communication, her special focus on both patient and provider uncovers unique strategies to develop honest and effective communication, enhance the relationship, and increase opportunities to meet the patient’s health needs. Maureen believes individual differences are infinite – her feedback is personal.

Maureen is trained in R.E.D.E to Communicate at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication. This nationally-recognized program, developed by physicians for physicians, applies evidence-based communication skills to three phases of Relationship: Establishment, Development, and Engagement, providing a framework for  transforming any conversation in healthcare relationships. Maureen  completed the Enriching Relationships in Communication and Healthcare course at the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare. ENRICH is an intensive and interactive course designed to expand knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to practice and teach relationship-centered communication in healthcare. Maureen acquired proficiency in, and practiced reflective listening as a caregiver coach at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York

Empathy is central to Maureen’s connection with people, and drives everything she does.

Maureen lives in Armonk, NY, with her sweet husband. She loves spending time with her husband, son, daughter, son-in-law, and most delightful grandchildren.